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Contracting authorities do not make sufficient use of the opportunity to address social and societal issues concurrently with their implementation of public procurement, and when assessing bids most of them take only the bid price into account.

Socially Responsible Public Procurement (SRPP) is an approach to public procurement in which—in addition to the emphasis to select the most economic bid—attention is also paid to the impact a particular tender may have on employment, social affairs and the environment.

So far the SRPP development and implementation have been prevented by a low degree of awareness of such opportunities and advantages, as well as other barriers, the public procurement system, local culture, ignorance of legal regulations, unclear responsibility and low motivation, to name a few. As result these factors stand in the way of more effective use of public funds.

The Ministry of Work and Social Affairs has been implementing the Support of the Implementation and Development of Socially Responsible Public Procurement project since March 2016 with the aim of supporting the use and development of socially responsible public procurement.

The project represents an effort to include the SRPP principles in everyday public procurement practice and thereby ensure a functional solution to more effective spending of public funds: in particular, in view of the needs related to employment, social inclusion and sustainability in general, i.e., including any environmental impact.

The project generates a long-term consultancy and specialist platform allowing for the development of this concept which, among other things, offers consultancy concerning the use of SRPP, activities to support exchange of experience and information acquisition.

International collaboration will allow us to obtain access to inspiring examples of good practice that will enable us to address common challenges in the areas mentioned above. The ongoing collaborative relation established during the September 2016 conference where the British experience was discussed is a real pleasure to us. The positive resonance with the conference participants is one of the reasons we continue to develop this collaboration.



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Support of the Implementation and Development of Socially Responsible Public Procurement

Mgr. Leona Gergelová Šteigrová, Ph.D.
Head of MPSV Public Procurement Department
phone: +420 221 923 487


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