About project

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA) has applied the socially responsible public procurement in practice, as well as via the „Promoting the Implementation and Development of Socially Responsible Public Procurement“ project. Working closely with other contracting authorities in the Czech Republic and abroad, it continues to develop the concept and searches for new opportunities to use it.

MoLSA has been implementing the project since March 2016 with the aim to promote the use and development of responsible public procurement. The objective is to include the principles behind responsible public procurement in everyday practice and thus ensure public funds are spent more efficiently, particularly with respect to needs concerning employment, social inclusion, and sustainability as such whenever necessary, i.e., including the impact on the environment.

The project is to create a long term consultation and expert platform to develop the concept of responsible public procurement and offers advice and consultations in the area of applying responsible public procurement, and acts as a source of information, examples of good practice, sample texts, activities supporting exchanging and gaining experience, etc. Available is a team of experts in responsible public procurement, law, employment, social inclusion, sustainability, and other related areas. In addition to short-term collaboration with contracting authorities on individual issues related to socially responsible public procurement, the project opens opportunities for setting up long-term collaboration between the MoLSA and the contracting authority. At the beginning of this collaboration, the contracting authority’s objective and needs to be met in the area of responsible public procurement through the use of the activities above are defined.

Other project activities include: