Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Other Project Partners

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA), as the central body of public administration, represents the CR in issues to do with the labour-law, social security, and social care, and handles state assets. MoLSA has been promoting responsible public procurement since 2014. As a public administration body, it deems it important that funds for responsible public procurement are spent in accordance with MoLSA’s priorities both in the social and environmental areas.

MoLSA activities concerning responsible public procurement

  • In 2015, an internal Strategy for Responsible Public Procurement was approved, which defines strategic priorities for responsible public procurement. MoLSA is committed to the concept of responsible public procurement defined as a process during which organizations purchase products and services, and implement construction work in such a manner so as to receive the best benefit/cost ratio. Thus, it emphases the 3E principle (economy, efficiency, and effectiveness), as well as support for employment, and social and environmental aspects. To set up the system of strategic and responsible public procurement effectively in everyday practice of the ministry, the Strategy for Responsible Public Procurement was expanded to include the internal document entitled Methodology for Socially Responsible Public Procurement. In it, MoLSA order administrators may find practical guidelines, sample texts, and examples of how to reflect the concept in the tender dossier. Emphasis is placed on selecting the economically most advantageous solutions which take into account sustainability and lifecycle costs, in addition to price and technical/quality aspects. Social and employment aspects and benefits are also considered.

  • MoLSA tries to improve the current situation through activities under the „Support for the Implementation and Development of Socially Responsible Public Procurement“ project.

Under the project, MoLSA was joined by its partners and other public contracting authorities committed to the concept of socially responsible public procurement.

  • Lesy České republiky, s.p.Lesy České republiky, s.p. search for, and wherever appropriate, apply social and environmental aspects in their orders and, among other things, strive to improve the position of forest workers in the CR. The organization aims to ensure decent working conditions for forest workers, and, in a broader context promote this job as a traditional employment opportunity that represents an inseparable part of the support provided to people living in rural areas.

  • Masaryk University Masaryk University makes use of efficient procedures that help it target quality of the performance demanded and also consider social and environmental aspects when placing orders. For instance, several dynamic purchasing systems to acquire common and generally available goods and services have been put in place. Thanks to them, small and medium-sized suppliers may take part in partial public procurement, as well.

  • South Moravian Region the South Moravian Region has been actively integrating responsible approach in its public procurement policy. When making its purchases, it considers support for companies employing people with physical disabilities, support for social enterprise, or environmental protection.

  • Palacky University

  • University of Chemistry and Technology

Examples of MoLSA and of its partners good practice are available here.